Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Daily Log - 2015-08-26

In my coaching call last night, I committed to the following:
1 time per day, I will spend at least 5 minutes checking in with myself about what I need right now.
3 times per day, I will clear myself of lingering effects of feeling other people's emotions, problems, and burdens.

This was consistent with me showing myself self love, and with my ongoing efforts to shed unfelt, or stored emotions, with the desire to no longer be held back by my past.


Checking in with what I need.
This happened throughout the day.  I was thinking of it as I packed to move to Valencia.  I was thinking of it as I drove to Valencia.  I thought of it as I prepared for my call tonight.  Net result, I need a couple nights of good sleep, and good food.

Clearing my energetic field.
I did this once in the morning before I left Chulilla.  I did it again later in the evening during a work lull.  I expect to do it again before I finish my coaching call tonight, and once after.

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